About Us

We’re the gold standard of premium finance companies … and a whole lot more.  We have been financing insurance policies in the commonwealth for more than 60 years.  We have heard and seen it all.  Our software leads the industry in ease of use. And we pride ourselves on having the friendliest and most knowledgeable customer service staff possible. But being the best premium finance company isn’t where we stopped.  We are more than that. When an insurance agency entrusts us with their business we take the time to learn what they are all about so we can help them tackle the challenging issues they face every day. Why? Because we are agents ourselves and that’s what we would expect from our premium finance company.

We’re full-service – financing all forms of commercial and consumer insurance policies.  Other premium finance companies specialize in either the commercial or consumer areas.  Honor Capital handles all your financing needs.  No more having to deal with 2 separate premium finance companies.

We’re local, knowledgeable and friendly.  When you call our office you are not calling a shared, out of state call center. You are calling an experienced, knowledgeable and friendly expert located just down the road who knows you and your agency before they even pick up the phone.

We’re extremely well capitalized. Simply put, we have a very big balance sheet. That allows us to finance all types of consumer and commercial insurance categories and to always be able to take the long term view in serving our clients.

We’re obsessed with technology.  Not because it’s cool (although we think it is).  But because it’s so critical to meeting the needs of our clients. We know our software has to be simple and intuitive with no big manuals required to make sense of it. We know it needs to be lighting fast and to never go down or be offline. We know it needs all the features  - even those that don’t get used often. We are proud to say it’s all of that and more.  We never get tired of hearing that our software is the best in the business.  And we never let that stop us from making it even better.

We’re innovators.  The list of products and services that Honor Capital was “first to bring to market” is long indeed.  Just in the past year we were the first premium finance company to provide a free mobile application. This has resulted in significant reduction in phone calls to our participating agent’s offices for routine request such as checking due dates and current balances.

“It gives me peace of mind that Honor Capital is based in our state and operates in our time zone.”

Mike Cignac, Agency Manager, Bourbeau & Hinch Agency, Hampden